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AusSPOT (beta) - Spot Tracking for Australian Pilots

This site requires recent browser technology. Please download the latest version of your preferred browser to ensure all page elements are displayed correctly. Google Chrome is the recommended browser

  • AusSPOT displays pilot Spot tracks from all over Australia. It is not limited to a fixed number of Pilots
  • The page will display pilots that have flown on the day that you have selected on the Flight Date tab
  • The first time the page is loaded, select the pilots you would like to view on the map
  • The page and all the pilots' locations are automatically refreshed every 10 minutes
  • If specific pilots are selected, only they will appear the next time the page is reloaded/refreshed
  • To reset the flights table and retrieve all pilots again, click the Retrieve all Pilots button
  • Hover over any marker to see the Pilots Name**
  • All columns on the pilots tab can be order by clicking on the header (Name, Spot Status, Time etc.)
  • Single click on any pilot row to be taken to their latest location
  • Use the Search bar to search for any pilots
  • Use the column selector to hide any unwanted columns in the pilots tab
  • Use the Distance Ruler (under the Map Options Menu) to measure the distance between any two points. Drag both markers
  • Use Weather/Wind (under the Map Options Menu) to display current weather conditions. This service is available for some areas
  • Select a default map centre on the Settings tab. This will be your home location everytime you come back to AusSPOT
  • Select a default map type (Terrain, Satellite, Road map) on the Settings tab. This will be your map type everytime you come back to AusSPOT
  • When you select a Flight Date, the selection is remembered everytime the page refreshes
  • Right click anywhere on the map to view the elevation of the terrain**
  • Launch = Distance from launch. Track = Total track length
  • Please notify me if you would like your Spot to be removed or added. All Spots are monitored and expired accounts and pilots that have not flown in 3 months are removed from this page. This is to minimise page loading time.
  • Please notify me if the page behaves unexpectedly and/or have suggestions. You can contact me here
  • **Not available on mobile devices.

Airspace Layer: Thank you to Stein Sorensen (GPSDump) for making it very easy for us to add the airspace layers to Google Maps. You, sir, are a genius. And thank you to Matt Rosser for cleaning up the Airspace data and providing it for download. And thank you to all the boys that developed AirCheck for the inspiration to add an airspace layer to AusSPOT.

AusSPOT (beta). Developed by Drew Salem